Our Team

GoldMark’s professional leadership team has vast commercial real estate experience in Germany.

With more than 100 properties under management in Germany alone, we have extensive know-how in closing complex transactions and bringing them “across the finish line.”

As hands-on managers, we control every step of the value creation chain and are in close contact with tenants, local municipalities and service providers. We are active owners, instilling a daily presence of ownership that we believe is essential.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that every relationship and transaction needs to be structured as a Win - Win experience for all parties.

Most importantly, we understand that each opportunity is essentially a relationship that needs to be built and nurtured for the long-term.

In any deal, we study the ecosystem and try to meet the different parties’ expectations, be it the seller/buyer, local authorities, the tenants of the property and anyone else who takes part in making the transaction succeed

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.

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